Toyota closes its St. Petersburg factory in Russia


Toyota has decided to permanently discontinue operations. in the plant in St. Petersburg in Russia . In reality, the production of the cars was already; has been suspended since March 4 due to problems with the supply chain that prevented us from having key components for the construction of the cars.

Since then, the Japanese brand has closely monitored the situation to assess a possible resumption of the business. Now, instead, & egrave; the final stop arrived . After 6 months, in fact, Toyota sees no sign of the possibility; to be able to restart production inside this factory. Although not explicitly stated, the consequences of the outbreak of war in Ukraine weigh on this decision.

Officially, therefore, given the impossibility; to restart production and given the uncertainties for the future, Toyota has decided to close the plant. A decision, highlights the Japanese manufacturer, which is not & egrave; was taken lightly. Following the closure of the plant, the brand plans to reorganize its activities; in Russia . Indeed, Toyota has promised that will continue & agrave; to offer assistance services to Toyota and Lexus models in the country and to support its dealer network.

In addition, the brand stressed that will provide; support to employees of the plant for re-employment and requalification. Furthermore, there will be no lack of generous bonuses. Recall that the Camry and RAV4 models were produced in the Toyota factory in Russia (production capacity of 100,000 cars per year).

What will happen to this factory now? Nothing specific & egrave; been communicated in this regard. But given what happened with the Renault plant & egrave; possible that it can be bought by a Russian company to return to produce cars but of other brands. The authorities premises already have; made it known to be evaluating different possibilities; for the future of this factory. All that remains is to wait for the arrival of news.

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