Toyota, Akio Toyoda: electric is not enough


Toyota & egrave; has always been skeptical about the race towards electricity, preferring to focus on multiple solutions to arrive at the decarbonisation of transport, such as hybrid and hydrogen. In the past, you can't & ograve; not remember the statement of the Japanese manufacturer's number one, Akio Toyoda , who said that electric was overrated.

The position of wanting to continue to bet on more; power technologies are not & egrave; changed over time, despite Toyota we have unveiled an ambitious electrification program that includes the launch of several battery-powered models over the next few years.

And that electric power for the Japanese car manufacturer cannot be the only solution, Akio Toyoda reiterates once again.


During a round table, the CEO of Toyota reiterated that the company & agrave; will go forward with plans to offer a range of electrified vehicles ranging from hybrids and plug-ins to fully electric vehicles and fuel cells. During the meeting with the American press , the number one of the Japanese brand stressed that & quot; will & agrave; customers decide ''. Toyota, therefore, intends to continue with its technologically neutral approach to meet all market needs.

Position that Toyoda also expressed in response to a series of criticisms raised by investors and environmentalists on the slowness on which Toyota is moving towards mobility; electric. Toyota's number one & egrave; went even further and speaking of California's goal of stopping endothermic sales by 2035, he stressed that it will be; difficult to reach.

Realistically speaking, it seems very difficult to achieve.

According to Toyoda, electric will spread much more widely. slowly than the media want you to believe.

But just like the fully autonomous cars everyone should drive by now, electric cars will take longer; time to become mainstream than the media would have us believe.

The builder points out that his strategy is; justified, since & eacute; not all areas of the world will adopt electric vehicles at the same rate due to the high cost of such cars and the lack of infrastructure .

In any case, Toyota plans to invest up to 2030 about 70 billion dollars in electrified vehicles, including 35 billion dollars in battery technologies. It plans to offer around 70 electrified models globally by 2025. In addition, it aims to sell around 3.5 million fully electric vehicles per year by 2030.

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