Skellefteå-Abushi is charged with attempted murder and aggravated rape


Published 30 September 2022 at 10.43

Foreign. Now the 15-year-old Ethiopian who was arrested this summer for the bestial murder attempt against a girl on a playground in Skellefteå is being charged. The public prosecutor's office writes in a press release that the man is charged with aggravated rape and attempted murder.

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Abushi Kamal is being prosecuted despite the fact that he was not of legal age according to the civil registry when the crime was committed on July 7 this summer.

– Overall, I believe that the investigation shows that the boy has reached the age of criminal law. That is why charges are now being brought for the crimes, says Chamber prosecutor Andreas Nyberg at the Prosecutor's Office in Umeå.

According to the plan, the trial is to be held in October.

The attempted murder in Skellefteå


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