NIO debuts battery swap in Germany


On 7 October , NIO will land & agrave; officially in Germany. On that date, the Chinese carmaker will hold an event in which it will provide; new details of its growth strategy in the car market of the Old Continent. Meanwhile, NIO already has; inauguration of the first battery swap station in Germany . With a small ceremony, in Zusmarshausen & egrave; The first Power Swap Station has been opened.

Actually, this station will enter officially up and running when NIO starts running. to deliver the first electric cars to German customers. In the meantime, the last tests will be carried out which will allow to verify its correct functioning.


This station for the battery swap allows, in a completely automated way, to replace the discharged car battery with a charge in about 5 minutes. According to NIO, it will be; You can perform up to 312 battery changes per day . The station occupies an area equal to two garages and can & ograve; accommodating up to 13 batteries that are recharged with powers between 40 and 80 kW.

The Chinese manufacturer also explains that after each replacement, the batteries are always checked by the system to verify their operating status and efficiency. If there are no problems, they are reloaded and then used again. This station for the battery swap, we recall, is; was produced by the new NIO factory in Hungary. The Chinese manufacturer, in fact, wanted to invest in a plant in the Old Continent to build battery swap stations for the European market. Recall that the car manufacturer aims to install about 1,000 stations outside China, most of which in Europe.

So in about a week we will be able to discover new details on NIO's expansion plan in Europe . The event will be also the opportunity to understand exactly which models NIO will render & agrave; available in Germany, with related prices. In addition to the ES8 electric SUV, the ET7 electric sedan should also arrive.

As we have known, the manufacturer will punter & agrave; a lot on battery swap also for commercial reasons. In fact, in this way NIO can & ograve; separate the cost of batteries from the price of the car, limiting the initial investment by customers even if they will then have to pay a monthly fee for the rental of the battery.

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