MSI motherboards: The new series from Godlike to Z790-P


MSI draws level with Asus in terms of number and starts with fourteen Z790 mainboards. As expected, the huge Z790 Godlike leads the series for 1,400 euros. At the lower end of the price scale is the Z790-P with DDR4 for 260 euros.

Z790 Godlike at the top

As expected, the Z790 Godlike is at the top of the portfolio, which is even wider than some other E-ATX mainboards and costs a proud 1,400 euros. A total of 26+2 phases for the voltage converters and coolers with heat pipes sit around the base. MSI speaks of “Duet Rail Power System CPU power phases with 105A”. PCIe 5.0 for graphics cards and M.2 SSDs is set. But a product page with details is still missing for this model of all things.

MSI MEG Z790 Godlike (image: MSI)

The M-Vision Dashboard called LCD panel with touch operation now measures 4.5 inches instead of 3.5 inches on the predecessor Z690 Godlike. Two Thunderbolt 4, Intel Wi-Fi 6E and 10 Gbit Ethernet are available.

Mini-ITX with mini fan

The smallest representative in terms of dimensions is the MPG Z790I Edge Wifi, the only model from MSI in mini-ITX format. This also uses heat pipe cooling for the voltage regulators, which are significantly smaller with 10+1 phases. A tiny fan under the I/O panel completes the cooling concept, which is also dedicated to the M.2 slot above the GPU slot. In contrast to the PCIe slot, the M.2 socket does not support PCIe 5.0.

MSI MPG Z790I Edge Wifi (Image: MSI)

There is no Thunderbolt on the compact motherboard, so the fastest external interface is the single USB-C port with 20 Gbit/s. Wifi 6E, 2.5 GbE and a high-end audio solution (Realtek ALC4080) are also included in the features of the mainboard, which costs around 430 euros “>Z790-P as a starter in four variants

The entry-level model Z790-P is available in four versions in the ATX form factor: One with DDR5, one with DDR4 and one each with DDR4 or DDR5 and WLAN module (Intel Wi-Fi 6E). The basis is always identical and includes a 14+1+1 VRM design, three PCIe x16 slots (one with PCIe 5.0), four M.2 slots (all PCIe 4.0), one USB-C with 20 Gbit/s on the back panel as well as 2.5 Gbit LAN and standard sound (ALC897).

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MSI Pro Z790-P Wifi DDR4 (Image: MSI)
MSI Pro Z790-P (Image: MSI)
MSI Pro Z790-P DDR4 (Image: MSI)

The cheapest model (Z790-P DDR without Wifi) costs around 260 euros.

MSI Z790 motherboards at a glance

Below you will find an overview of the other Z790 mainboards with a link to the respective product page (if available). The prices are from retailers, MSI has not announced an official RRP.

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MSI MPG Z790 Carbon Wifi (Image: MSI)
MSI MPG Z790 Edge Wifi (image: MSI)
MSI MPG Z790 Edge Wifi DDR4 (Image: MSI)
MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk Wifi (Image: MSI)
MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk Wifi DDR4 ( Image: MSI)
MSI Pro Z790-A Wifi (Image: MSI)
MSI Pro Z790-A Wifi DDR4 (Image: MSI)

Also available from MSI the alternative is to use a Z690 mainboard instead. According to the manufacturer, new BIOS versions should be available for the launch of Intel Raptor Lake.

Model Form factor DDR4 DDR5 Price* (RRP) MEG Z790 Godlike E-ATX – ✓ €1,469 (€1,399) MEG Z790 Ace E-ATX – ✓ €859 (€819) MPG Z790 Carbon Wifi ATX – ✓ €569 (€559) MPG Z790 Edge Wifi ATX – ✓ €469 (€449) MPG Z790 Edge Wifi DDR4 ATX ✓ – €449 (€429) MPG Z790I Edge Wifi Mini-ITX – ✓ €439 (€429) MAG Z790 Tomahawk Wifi ATX – ✓ 409 € (€389) MAG Z790 Tomahawk Wifi DDR4 ATX ✓ – €370 (€379) PRO Z790-A Wifi ATX – ✓ €339 (€319) PRO Z790-A Wifi DDR4 ATX ✓ – €320 (€309) PRO Z790 -P Wifi ATX – ✓ €299 (€289) PRO Z790-P Wifi DDR4 ATX ✓ – €279 (€279) PRO Z790-P ATX – ✓ €279 (n/a) PRO Z790-P DDR4 ATX ✓ – 259 € (n.a.) *from the price comparison on September 29th, 2022
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Update 09/30/2022 2:36 p.m.

MSI has the recommended retail price when asked by the editors of the Z790 motherboards added to the table above. It turns out that the first traders are asking for a little more. The message has been adjusted. There was no RRP for the two cheapest models.