Mercedes G-Class, the electric off-road vehicle will arrive? by the end of 2024


Mercedes , as we know, is also working on the electric version of the G-Class whose contents were anticipated by Mercedes EQG, a concept that we had the opportunity to see closely at the Munich Motor Show 2021. Apparently, the development is going on so much that Ola K & auml; llenius , number one of the German brand, said that the electric G-Class will be; launched on the market between the middle & agrave; and the end of 2024 .

K & auml; llenius also claimed to have driven a prototype of the electric off-road vehicle inside the test facility they have in Graz, Austria and that he had a lot of fun driving it.

Driving impressions aside, & egrave; interesting is the confirmation that the electric G-Class will arrive; by the end of 2024. This means that in the course of the next year, new details and spy photos of the forklifts intent on carrying out the classic road tests will most likely arrive.


The concept shown at the 2021 Munich Motor Show featured lines very similar to those of the endothermic G-Class. Therefore, & egrave; Mercedes is likely to continue to maintain the classic design of its off-road vehicle in the battery-powered model as well. On the powertrain of the EQG concept it was only said that it was composed of 4 electric motors, one per wheel . This is an optimal solution for an electric off-road vehicle.

There were also reduced speeds that could be activated via a 2-speed selector. Nothing had been said about power and performance. The chassis of the concept was with longitudinal and cross members, with independent suspension on the front axle and a rigid axle on the rear.

Very interesting information on the future electric Mercedes G-Class arrived in May 2022. In fact, the German manufacturer had announced that it had signed an agreement with Sila Nanotechnologies, a company that deals with the development of battery cell chemistry. According to what has been told, some versions of the electric off-road vehicle may be equipped with batteries with silicon anode cells that will offer greater density; energy and, therefore, a better autonomy.

All that remains is to wait for further news; on the development of this new electric model from the German manufacturer.

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