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Maserati, new images of the Folgore model platform


Of the Maserati Folgore we already have; spoken several times. As we know, the automaker is investing heavily in electrification of the range of its cars. The first model to be proposed in a 100% electric version will be; the new GranTurismo . This car & egrave; Recently, she was also the protagonist of a video in which some interesting details of its technical characteristics were shared.

Now, the automaker, to keep the attention on the upcoming arrival of its battery-powered cars, has shared some shots that show a series of details of the platform of its electric cars through its social channels. Is not serious; clear if the shots concern the platform of the GranTurismo Folgore or the Grecale Folgore. Actually, already in the past Maserati had shown the & quot; technical heart & quot; of its Folgore models. However, the new snaps are a way to observe the once againgreat technical work that the car manufacturer has done .

We remind you that the Maserati GranTurismo Folgore will be able to & agrave; rely on a powertrain consisting of three electric motors. The performance will be very high since to pass from 0 to 100 km/h it will only take 2.7 seconds . The speed maximum, on the other hand, will reach & agrave; 320 km/h . Numbers, therefore, for supercars. The car will dispose of a battery pack of over 100 kWh and thanks to the 800 V architecture it will be; capable of recharging at very high power. There is talk of 100 km of autonomy recovered in 5 minutes. The debut is; expected in 2023.

The Maserati Grecale Folgore, on the other hand, will be able to & agrave; rely on two electric motors, on a 400 V architecture and on a battery of more than 100 kWh. All that remains is to wait for further information on the Folgore models.


The news also comes from Maserati of the presentation of a new global retail concept store , which debuts with the opening of a new space in the heart of the Magenta district in Milan. This new avant-garde architectural concept is was created in collaboration with the New York studio of & ldquo; experience design & rdquo; Eight Inc. and marks a clean break with the traditional & ldquo; bright and aseptic & rdquo; car showrooms.

Intended to express strength and skills; of the brand in the context of luxury Italian craftsmanship, the innovative retail concept combines the refinement of tailoring with authenticity; of a workshop, to allow customers to unleash their creative passion and give life to a personal vision of the luxury sports car par excellence.

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