Intel Arc A770: Acer wants to get involved with the unusual “Predator BiFrost”.


A lot of the unusual meets: Acer is showing its first graphics card under its own Predator gaming brand. This is based on Intel's Arc A770, the fastest model from Intel's GPU comeback. The design is also unusual.

Design with axial and radial fans

The model titled with the hashtag “PredatorBiFrost” apparently uses both a large axial fan and a radial fan. Two 8-pin sockets for power supply provide potential for overclocking with higher power consumption. The Arc A770 Limited Edition from Intel, on the other hand, is equipped with 8+6 pin sockets and specified with 225 watts.

So the big OEM Acer is now jumping on the custom graphics card train itself. ASRock, Gunnir and MSI have already promised custom designs with Intel GPUs.

October 12 will see the start of sales of the Intel Arc 770 and the Intel Arc A750, which will initially be available in three versions. Intel has only announced immediate availability for the USA for the Monday after next, but other countries should follow shortly afterwards.

Model RRP (before taxes) Vendor Arc A770 Limited Edition (16GB) $349 Intel Arc A770 (8GB) $329 Partner Arc A750 Limited Edition (8GB) $289 Intel

The Limited editions in the editors

After the Intel Arc A380 (test), the editors will soon take a closer look at the Intel Arc A750 and the aforementioned Arc A770.