Echo Dot (5th gen): New small Alexa speaker with and without a clock


Amazon introduces the new Echo Dot and Echo Dot with clock. According to Amazon, the new Echo Dot and Echo Dot with clock offer twice as much bass and now also have a temperature and acceleration sensor. The LED display on the watch model has also been improved.

New audio architecture for Echo Dot

The 5th generation of the small Alexa speaker is said to offer better sound with the same compact design, for which the audio architecture has been redesigned. It includes a proprietary full-range driver and speaker with the highest excursion of any Echo Dot device to date.

Now with temperature and acceleration sensor

The newly integrated temperature sensor, which was previously reserved for larger Echo models, can be used, for example, to control routines that use its values. For example, a fan can be switched off via a smart switch socket when a certain room temperature has been reached. Also new is an acceleration sensor, which is used to implement the tap control. With this, users can tap on the top of the device to pause or start music playback, turn off the alarm or end a call, for example. So far, the snooze function of the alarm clock could be activated via the tap control on a current Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Dot with a clock (test).

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Echo Dot (Image: Amazon)

AZ2 SoC for more local processing

Echo Dot and Echo Dot with clock are powered by the AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which is also used in the smart display Echo Show 15 (Test) is used. This allows more interactions to be handled directly on the device – enabling faster responses to some of the most common requests to Alexa, as well as immediate responses to tap gestures.

Improved LED display

The new Echo Dot with clock features an improved 5×21 LED display that users can now use to get more information. In addition to the time, they can display song titles, artist names or the weather, for example – or a mathematical equation whose usefulness is currently unclear. The brighter LED display should also be readable in direct sunlight.

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Echo Dot with clock (Image: Amazon)

Pricing and Availability

The new Echo Dot is available in deep sea blue, anthracite and white for 59.99 euros*. The new Echo Dot with clock is available in grey-blue and white for EUR 69.99*. The price has therefore remained unchanged compared to the 4th generation. Both models can be pre-ordered from today. Deliveries will begin next month.

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