Disney+ is coming: Fire TV for Echo Show 15 and new Alexa features


At the annual Amazon Devices & Services event in the evening, Amazon also announced new smart home and entertainment features. In the coming months, Amazon will be rolling out two new functions for Alexa and the Echo Show 15.

Alexa commands with time or timer

The first function for Alexa aims to ensure that commands no longer have to be executed immediately, but that Alexa can be given a specific time or a specific period of time in the voice command when or after which the command should be executed. The voice command “Alexa, turn off the light in 10 minutes” will in future successfully switch off the light in 10 minutes and switch on the coffee machine at 7 a.m., just like the Alexa command “Alexa, turn on the coffee machine at 7 a.m.”. With these supposedly small changes, one-time actions can be planned without having to create a routine. It is not yet known exactly when Amazon will roll out the new Alexa function.

Fire TV for Echo Show 15 also brings Disney+


The second new function is aimed at the Echo Show 15 (test), which, according to Amazon, is already being used by many as a kitchen TV when cooking. A free update will soon also allow access to Fire TV content on the Echo Show 15, so that films and series from services such as Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ or the ZDF media library can be accessed and played back. What sounds like a small innovation also means that services like Disney+ can only be used on the Echo Show 15, because up to now there hasn't been a separate app for Disney+ and access via the Silk browser didn't work either. ComputerBase tries to clarify whether the YouTube app can then also be used in Fire TV on the Echo Show 15, like on a stick on the television. Netflix, on the other hand, was previously natively supported by Amazon on the Echo Show 15. The profiles and individual libraries set up in Fire TV are also available on the smart display.

With the new Fire TV widget, users of the Echo Show 15 can also access recently viewed streaming apps, content or their personal watch list from the home screen. You can navigate through the content in Fire TV on the smart display using the touchscreen, use the virtual remote control or pair an Alexa voice remote control for Fire TV (3rd generation) with the Echo Show 15. Amazon's video content can also be played using voice commands such as “Alexa, play The Rings of Power”.

Even with the second function, there is still an announcement today without a specific date as to when Fire TV will be available on the Echo Show 15.

Update 09/28/2022 8:18 p.m.

As Amazon has now confirmed to ComputerBase, YouTube will not be available as an app on the Echo Show 15 when Fire TV is launched – unlike the Fire TV streaming sticks for televisions. YouTube may want to reserve the integration for its own Nest Hub displays, but Amazon didn't say why. YouTube can therefore only be used on the smart display via the Silk browser in the future.

All new releases from Amazon from September 28 in the overview:

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  • Kindle Scribe: Amazon introduces the first Kindle with writing function
  • BMW: Next language assistant based on Alexa
  • Echo Dot (5th gen.): New small Alexa speaker with and without clock
  • Fire TV Cube and Pro-Remote: HDMI input and Wi-Fi 6E for the streaming cube
  • Echo Studio: software update for better sound and now also in white

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