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Volvo EX90, an internal radar to not forget the children on board


Unfortunately, it may; it still happens that some parents forget the child in the car , with sometimes dramatic consequences. Volvo seems to have the solution to this problem. Indeed, the manufacturer has pointed out that its next EX90 electric SUV will be; equipped with a special internal radar which will be & agrave; able, thanks to a high sensitivity, to detect the slightest movements on a scale of less than a millimeter, for example those of a sleeping child.

It is, highlights Volvo, the first device of this type capable of detecting the entire passenger compartment of the car, including the trunk.


The car manufacturer, always very careful to offer high safety standards , she wanted to tell us that this system is; was designed to help prevent a tragic phenomenon that & egrave; revealed all too real for so many families.

According to US government statistics, more than 900 children have died in the United States since 1998 from being left in a car in high-temperature conditions. Unfortunately, most of the deaths caused by overheating of the passenger compartment are linked to the fact that someone forgot that the child was in the car at the time.

This radar will be & agrave; installed as standard on the new car , at least where the regulations allow it. Recall that the Volvo XC90 will be officially presented on November 9th . This functionality will come, at a later time, also on other upcoming Volvo models.


Volvo says that thanks to the integrated sensors in the upper console, reading lights placed in the roof and trunk of the car, the new system is; the first able to detect even the most & ugrave; minimal movements inside the passenger compartment.

To ensure the maximum possible coverage of the cabin and that the system can detect if a child or pet has been left in the car, we have positioned radars throughout the cabin, from front to back, including the rear trunk.

What happens if a parent forgets the child on board? Volvo experts have calculated that the best time to give an alert is; when going to lock the car. Whenever you try to lock the car doors, the internal radar system activates and checks that the car does not contain people (or pets), before allowing the lock.

If someone is detected on board, the doors will remain unlocked and the center console screen will be & agrave; a message is displayed reminding you to check for occupants in the passenger compartment. Always in terms of safety, if the radar detects the presence of someone on board, the car's air conditioning system will remain; active . In this way you can & ograve; reduce the risk of hypothermia or heatstroke for those on board.

One works, therefore, very interesting. Before the presentation of the new electric SUV, Volvo has promised that it will share; further details of the new model.

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