Volkswagen ID.4: the test drive, in America, is done in & quot; company & quot; by Alexa


As we know, Volkswagen has ambitious growth plans on the American market. For this reason, it is pushing a lot on the electric SUV ID.4 which since July 2022 is; also manufactured in-house at the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant. This is the first battery-powered model of the German brand to be assembled in the United States. To push sales of the battery-powered SUV, the German brand, together with Amazon , has decided to offer an innovative version of the classic test drive .

In some countries of the United States, customers will be able to organize a test drive & quot; accompanied & quot; by Alexa .


The organized service & egrave; really curious. How does it work? According to what & egrave; It was told, after receiving some information about the car from a Volkswagen expert, customers will be able to get on board the electric SUV to take a test drive in the company of Alexa.

Mano a mano that customers get an idea of ​​the car's driving characteristics, they can ask Alexa for more information about the features. of the car. Alexa & egrave; able to share information covering battery, charging, blind spot monitoring, infotainment system, costs, maintenance and much more. Also, I will explain & agrave; how to activate any functionalities; you can try during the test drive.

The dialogue with Alexa is; possible thanks to the presence on board of a Echo Auto device installed on the dashboard of the vehicle. Through the & quot; Test Drive with Alexa & quot; program created in collaboration with Amazon, customers will be able to take a test drive without the presence of a dealership employee who could generate some kind of “pressure”. To answer all the questions of the people I will try; Alexa.

Echo Auto – Take Alexa to the car with you Amazon 59.99 & euro; See offer

Test drives last about 30 minutes . Overall, including the initial brief chat with the Volkswagen expert about the characteristics of the electric SUV, the whole experience lasts approximately 45 minutes. Once the road test is over, people can then go to the dealerships to discuss the possible purchase of the electric SUV. The test drive can be done; book directly from a dedicated page on the Amazon site.


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