Uber, agreement for Stellantis for the electrification of its fleet in France


Uber has an ambitious plan linked to electrification of its fleet of cars . As we recently saw, by 2030 , the company & agrave; American expects to have a fleet of electric cars only in some markets. Not only in the United States but also in Europe . Indeed, Uber had made it known that if it will be; able to achieve this goal, from 2030 only those who have available; of an electric car could register on the platform and work.

Obviously, to be able to have a 100% electric fleet, the company & agrave; American needs to make some agreements to make it easier for its drivers to access battery-powered vehicles. In America, for example, Uber collaborates with Hertz. Now comes the news of a new agreement concerning the Old Continent, France in particular .

In fact, Uber has partnered with a partnership with Free2Move (a Stellantis company). As it turns out, Free2Move will help & agrave; Uber to convert 50% of its vehicle fleet in France to electric models. Therefore, a very important agreement for the company & agrave; American that can & agrave; take a further step forward in its electrification strategy.

For the Stellantis Group, on the other hand, the agreement is; important because & eacute; represents a new channel through which it will be able to increase sales of its electric models. Therefore, very interesting news considering Uber's long-term goals. For the moment, there are no other details. Therefore, we do not know that special discounts will be offered to French drivers who intend to switch to a battery-powered vehicle.

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