The Tax Agency registers immigrant politicians “retroactively” where the party won a mandate


Published 29 September 2022 at 09.31

Domestic. The Tax Agency registers the Nyan party leader Mikail Yüksel “retroactively” in Botkyrka municipality so that he can take one of the party's mandates in the municipality, writes Nyheter Idag.

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The Nuance leader first hoped to be elected in Gothenburg, but when it became clear that the party lost there, he instead registered in Botkyrka – after the election.

“It is possible to report a move one week after you have actually moved. However, it is a basic condition that you actually reside there on the date you state that you are moving. It is relatively it is common to report a move within the week in question, which is why no general in-depth control is required for these situations,” writes Tobias Wijk at the Swedish Tax Agency to Nyheter Idag.

The politician is therefore considered to have been eligible in Botkyrka on election night and pinches one of the party's mandate.