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The police want tips after a brazen grand theft


Published 26 September 2022 at 16.41

Domestic. Sometime from 14:00 Sunday 25 September to 05:00 Monday 26 September 13 sheet metal rolls were stolen from the company Arcelormittal Construction Sweden on Gränsgatan in Sveg. The police are looking for tips about the theft.

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The sheet metal rolls weigh approximately 6 tonnes each and have been handled using the company's forklift. The sheet metal is painted on both sides and they are marked with a sticker with the batch number.

The value of the stolen sheet metal rolls is approximately two million kroner

“Normally two sheet metal rolls are loaded on a truck and four on a trailer to cope with the weight, so several trucks should have been involved,” the police write.

The police want tips and observations if anyone saw trucks with trailers or other people who may have something to do with the theft.< /p>

Leave your tip to 114 14 or via
the police's tip function.