The police cracked down on illegal immigrants


Published 29 September 2022 at 15.12

Domestic. On Tuesday, the border police in Västmanland together with other authorities carried out an operation at various workplaces.

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The operation was carried out at two restaurants, a bakery and a hairdressing salon in Västerås.

The police drew up two reports of violations of the Aliens Act, one of which was against an employer who employed a person who did not have right to work in Sweden and one concerning an employee who worked without a permit. The cases will be investigated further.

The Working Environment Agency, the Tax Agency and the Equality Authority also took part in the operation led by the Police Authority.

“The purpose of this type of operation is to prevent and counter that people who lack the right to work or reside in Sweden is exploited by unscrupulous employers, as well as to counteract an otherwise unhealthy working environment and competitive situation on the labor market,” the police write.

More similar joint efforts by authorities will be carried out in the future.

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