Tesla, all ready for AI Day 2022: eyes on the Optimus robot


Tesla's AI Day 2022 is just a few days away. On 30 September, the company & agrave; americana by Elon Musk terr & agrave; a new event in which various issues related to the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence will be addressed. In particular, we will talk about also of Optimus , formerly known as the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot that could in the future be used to carry out a variety of activities; repetitive and that, over time, with the improvements of its technology, it could also be used inside the factories.

The further confirmation that during the AI ​​Day 2022 of Tesla we will talk of this robot comes from the American company that, over the last few days, has been sending out invitations to the event. Apparently, we will talk about it. also of Full Self-Driving and the Dojo supercomputer . Therefore, AI Day will be able to be an opportunity to discover something more on the new Full Self-Driving developments that are currently testing several thousand Tesla customers in North America.

Elon Musk has always framed AI Day as an appointment to approach experts in the field of artificial intelligence, to then be able to hire them. However, & egrave; also a presentation intended for everyone as the company will speak; of products and services that will be available to customers in the future.


When Tesla presented & ograve; for the first time the Tesla Bot, it seemed more & ugrave; an idea that something really real. Still, the automaker made it clear in the following months that it was a real projectto which he was giving a high priority . Try it again & egrave; that the company is also hiring new people to work on this ambitious project, hoping to be able to use this robot inside its factories.

Probably during AI Day 2022 we will also be able to understand when Tesla expects to have such robots. And that the company & agrave; by Elon Musk really focuses on this project, you can & ograve; also note in the description of the job advertisements which explicitly talks about the future use of thousands of such robots within its factories .

In a few days we will finally know more & ugrave; but there is really a lot of curiosity; in understanding what Tesla & egrave; managed to develop. In any case, at first, Optimus should only be able to perform a series of simple repetitive tasks.

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