Team Group T-Force Delta RGB: RAM with up to DDR5-7200CL34 for Intel Raptor Lake


After the T-Force VULCANα with DDR5-6000 and AMD EXPO for the recently introduced Zen 4 RDNA 2 CPUs Ryzen 7000 (“Raphael”), the memory manufacturer Team Group with the T-Force Delta RGB, a total of ten DDR5 memory kits with up to 7,200 MT/s have now been presented, which are aimed at systems with Core-i-13000 (“Raptor Lake”).

DDR5-7200 CL34 for Intel Raptor Lake

The Taiwanese memory manufacturer Team Group has presented a total of ten DDR5 memory kits for Intel Alder Lake, Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Raphael, with the particularly high-clocking models being particularly suitable for Intel's new Core i 13000 series. Intel XMP 3.0 is offered, but AMD EXPO is not represented.

Team Group T-Force Delta RGB (Picture: Team Group)

The T-Force Delta RGB series is optimized for the new chipsets Z790 and H770 from Intel and has been adapted to the corresponding Evaluated motherboards from Asus, ASRock, Biostar, Gigabyte and MSI. According to the manufacturer, the new memory kits offer the following set of features.

Team Group T-Force Delta RGB – Highlights

  • Discreet heat conducting plates (heat spreaders) made of aluminum in black with integrated ARGB lighting in the crown.
  • A particularly efficient on-board PMIC, a so-called power management IC, which is used as an integrated circuit for the energy management of the memory components.
  • Support for the Intel Extreme Memory Profile (“XMP”) in version 3.0 for Alder Lake and Raptor Lake.
  • Memory speeds from 5,200 MT/s to 7,200 MT/s.
  • CAS memory latencies from 40 to 34 clock cycles.
  • Operating voltages from 1.2 to 1.4 V.

The new Zen 4 CPUs such as the Ryzen 9 7950X and Ryzen 7 7700X (test) can also be easily operated on the AM5 platform with the memory kits, here However, DDR5-6000 form the sweet spot, which is why low-latency memory kits will probably be better suited for AMD Raphael.

DDR5-7200 DDR5-6600 DDR5-6400 DDR5-6200 DDR5-6000 DDR5-5600 DDR5-5200 Latency CL34-42-42-84 CL34-40-40-84 CL40-40-40-84 CL38-38-38-78 CL30-36-36-76
CL38-38-38-78 CL32-36-36-76
CL40-40-40-84 CL40-40-40- 76 Capacity 2× 16 GB DDR5 memory Bandwidth 57.6 GB/s 52.8 GB/s 51.2 GB/s 49.6 GB/s 48.0 GB/s 44.8 GB/s 41.6 GB /s Voltage 1.4 volts 1.35 volts 1.25 volts 1.35 volts
1.25 volts 1.2 volts 1.25 volts
1.2 volts Intel XMP 3.0 ✓ AMD EXPO – Dimensions 46 1 × 144.2 × 7 mm (H × L × W)

The manufacturer has not yet provided any information on the prices and availability of the new memory modules. For more information, see the official press release and the Team Group Twitter account.