Tata Tiago EV, new 10,000 euro electric car for the Indian market


Tata Motors aims to be the protagonist of the electrification process of the Indian car market . The builder already has; launched some battery-powered cars for this market. To accelerate the country's transition towards mobility; electric, the carmaker has unveiled the new Tata Tiago EV which focuses on accessibility; since it will be; proposed at an interesting price such as to make it more electric. economic economy of the car market of India.

Indeed, such a model will be possible; buy from 849,000 rupees which, at current exchange rates, are about 10,700 euros. The orders are already there; open with the first deliveries expected for January 2023


Obviously, given the price, you shouldn't expect any particular technical specifications. Tata Tiago EV & egrave; a model designed primarily for urban and short-range use. The car will be proposed with two battery cuts. The basic version can & ograve; count on a 19.2 kWh accumulator, while the more & ugrave; expensive, on a 24 kWh battery . Tata Motors declares a range of 250 km and 315 km respectively . Attention, however, these are values ​​referred to the Indian homologation cycle . The real mileage values, given the skills; of batteries, they will certainly be less.

The electric motor has an output of 45 kW with the 19.2 kWh battery or 55 kW with the 24 kWh accumulator. Torque of 110 Nm or 114 Nm. On the performance side, the manufacturer speaks of an acceleration from 0 to 60 km/h, respectively, in 6.2 seconds or 5.7 seconds.

In alternating current, it will be; It is possible to recharge the batteries at 3.3 or 7.2 kW depending on the charger installed. Surprisingly, the manufacturer also offers support for fast charging in direct current even if no indications are given on the maximum power. The measures of the Tata Tiago EV are 3,769 mm long x 1,677 mm wide x 1,536 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,400 mm.

For the car manufacturer, this model is; very important since it was created to encourage the transition to mobility; thanks to an affordable price and low running costs. According to analysts, precisely because of these characteristics, this model could receive substantial orders. Over the months we will see if Tata Motors' strategy will have; been successful.

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