Suzuki targets the & quot; flying car & quot; market and invests in SkyDrive


The car manufacturers are more and more; interesting to the Urban Air Mobility sector with the aim of launching short-range electric aircraft for the transport of people in the coming years. Aircraft that are also called & quot; flying taxis & quot; or “flying cars”. In this regard, we cannot fail to mention the initiatives and investments of reality; like Hyundai and Stellantis. Also Suzuki & egrave; interested in this market which according to various analysts could grow very significantly over the next few years.

In March, the Japanese manufacturer had decided to enter into a collaboration agreement with SkyDrive for the development and sale of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Now, Suzuki is taking its growth plan one step further in this particular market. In fact, has announced that it has invested in SkyDrive .

With the investment, the two companies & agrave; will further strengthen their partnership, cooperating with other investing companies with the aim of aiming at the implementation of a new form of mobility; based on & quot; flying cars & quot ;. According to what was communicated, Suzuki will collaborate; to the development of technologies that maximize aircraft efficiency following its & quot; Sho-Sho-Kei-Tan-Bi & quot; philosophy; that can & ograve; be translated as & quot; pi & ugrave; compact, less, more & ugrave; lighter, more content, plus & ugrave; ordered & quot ;.


That car manufacturers may be interested in the Urban Air Mobility sector shouldn't be too surprising. In recent years, the demand for personal transport is; increased due to increased traffic congestion especially in large cities and the changing needs of & quot; transport as needed; & quot ;. eVTOLs are therefore seen as a suitable means of transport to overcome the problems of traffic in big cities.

So, it will be; very interesting to discover over time what fruits it will bear this Suzuki investment in SkyDrive. We recall that at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, SkyDrive had announced that it was working on a new two-seater eVTOL model that should be ready to be proposed as a flying taxi at the World Expo in Osaka to be held; in 2025. I will work on it; Suzuki too? Possible given the recent announcements of collaboration but there is no official still nothing.

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