Stockholm woman one of Europol's “most wanted”


Published 29 September 2022 at 13.46

Domestic. Several Swedish citizens are on Europol's new list of internationally wanted in organized crime. One of them is Tania Gomez, 30.

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On September 28, Europol's “Most wanted” campaign started.

The campaign, which consists of sending out pictures of wanted persons, is carried out every year. The idea is that the public in different countries should help Europol find the wanted persons.

This year's campaign focuses on leaders and key members of organized criminal groups.

One of the Swedish citizens who is on the list is a woman, 30-year-old Tania Gomez.

According to Europol, Gomez has been wanted since March 2021 for serious drug-related crimes and serious money laundering. She is said to be connected to a criminal organization in Stockholm where her role has been to deliver and transport large amounts of drugs and money. She is also said to have been involved in business with and transport of animals.

Among the other “Swedes” on the list is Hicham Kortobi, leader of a criminal network in Western Sweden, who is believed to have fled home to the Arab world.< /p> , Fugitive active search team. It is a group within the Police Authority that specializes in tracking people who are internationally wanted by Swedish or foreign authorities, for prosecution or to serve prison sentences.