Russian patriarch: Those who fall in Ukraine will automatically go to heaven


Published 25 September 2022 at 19.37

Foreign. The sins committed by a Russian in his life will be “washed away” if he dies in battle in Ukraine. The reassuring message comes from the Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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The announcement that hundreds of thousands of Russians are to be mobilized to be deployed in the war in Ukraine has caused concern in Russia. Many Russian men try to flee the country to escape the conscription.

But according to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, there are great advantages to fighting and dying in Ukraine. Then you can get a one-way ticket to heaven – even if you have lived a sinful life.

– Be brave and fulfill your military duty, reads the message of the head of the church to the men of Russia.

Those who do their duty and die in the war have sacrificed themselves for a greater cause, assures Kirill. Therefore, the slain soldier gets to meet God in heaven.

– He sacrifices himself for others. And therefore we believe that this sacrificial act washes away all the sins that he has committed, says Kirill of Moscow.