Open source video editor: Shotcut 22.09 has been released for Windows, macOS and Linux


The latest version 22.09 of the open source video editor Shotcut, a free and cross-platform video editing software that supports numerous audio and video formats, has been released for Windows, macOS and Linux. New features include support for WebP and two additional video filters for projects.

Open source tool with numerous improvements

< p class="p text-width">Three months after the release of the last final version, Shotcut 22.06, the developers at Meltytech have released the latest version 22.09 for download. Shotcut 22.09, which is still on the Media Lovin' Toolkit (“MLT”) and distributed as open source under GNU GPLv3, offers the following new features according to the release notes:

Shotcut 22.09 – New Features

  • New Video Filters
  • Filter Keywords & Icons
  • Action Search & Editable Shortcuts
  • Transition Preview & Improved Custom Transitions
  • Support for WebP Animations
  • GPS Graphic Video Filter
  • Fixes & Changes

In addition, FFmpeg, a powerful, free suite of tools for audio and video editing on the command line for Windows, macOS and Linux, has been updated and now supports the FFmpeg 5.1 LTS specified by the non-profit Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) for the first time Hardware acceleration of AV1 via the open interface VDPAU.

New tools, filters and de-/encoder

In addition to the universal tool, other de- and encoders have also received an upgrade with Shotcut 22.09.

  • Upgraded FFmpeg to v5.1.0
  • Upgraded dav1d AV1 decoder v1.0
  • Upgraded AOM AV1 encoder to v3.4.0
  • Upgraded libvpx VP8/9 encoder to v1.12.0
  • Upgraded Glaxnimate to v0 .5.1
  • Upgraded VMAF to v2.3.1

Shotcut 22.09 – Upgrades

Also new in version 22.09 is the gopro2gpx utility that allows users to access Properties > Export GPX can export a corresponding GPX file from a GoPro video, as well as the new filters “Fisheye”, “GPS Text” and “GPS Graphics”.

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Shotcut 22.09 (image: Meltytech)

For more information, see the detailed release notes on the GitHub developer platform.

Download on ComputerBase

Shotcut 22.09 can be downloaded as usual from the ComputerBase download area directly below this message. An FAQ and various tutorials help you get started. A detailed list of all features can also be found on the Shotcut website.


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