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Julia Kronlid (SD) elected second deputy speaker


Published 26 September 2022 at 15.51

Domestic. The Riksdag has now elected SD politician Julia Kronlid as second deputy speaker, despite loud left-wing protests.

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Both the Social Democrats and the Center Party announced in advance that they would withhold their votes in the vote.

The Left Party and the Green Party, however, objected all the more vociferously to a Sweden Democrat getting the position of speaker. The MP had launched an opposing candidate as second deputy speaker.

Julia Kronlid is also accused of not believing in the theory of evolution and being critical of abortion.

– We cannot sit here and passively accept that vote by acclamation for racism and abortion opposition to have a place in the Speaker's Bureau in Sweden as well, MP's Riksdag member Annika Hirvonen said before the vote.

In the first closed vote in the Riksdag, Julia Kronlid did not get enough votes, but the she got in the second round.

As speaker, Andreas Norlén (M) was re-elected as expected. He was elected by acclamation, which means that the members of the chamber answer yes or no to the proposal with an exclamation.

Even if SD did not receive the position of chairman, the party receives as many presidium positions in the committees as M, KD and L combined. This has been interpreted by several political commentators as meaning that SD will not be part of the government and will be compensated for this in other ways.