IONITY, agreement with & amp; Charge to improve the charging network


IONITY announced a collaboration agreement with & amp; Charge with the aim to improve the charging experience of its customers. In practice, through the mobility app electric vehicle of & amp; Charge, users who have filled up with energy at one of the IONITY stations will be able to evaluate the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles by providing in-depth feedback in the form of a & quot; Challenge & quot; , including a judgment on the functionality, possible damage or cleaning of the charging stations.

All feedback will then be transmitted directly to IONITY which will be able to use them to improve the quality & agrave; of the service .


To encourage the use of the app to provide feedback on the experience of using energy filling stations, & egrave; some sort of bonus that users can use to recharge at IONITY, thus arriving to save some. In detail, every & quot; challenge & quot; completed successfully, it is rewarded with & ldquo; & amp; Charge kilometers & rdquo; (1 & amp; Charge kilometer = 0.08 euros), which can be redeemed for free recharging or other rewards.

As of today, the app & egrave; available for users in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France and Spain. Subsequently, it will be & agrave; also available in other markets. Frank Plaschka , Head of Marketing, Brand & amp; Communications at IONITY, commented on this; this initiative:

The collaboration with & amp; Charge & egrave; an important component of our quality assurance: feedback from our charging stations is fed into our systems in a structured way via an interface. We can then assess potential problems and act quickly. & Amp; Charge's crowd-source approach helps us intensify relationships with our customers across borders and benefit from everyday community experiences.

Simon Vogt , CSO and co-founder of & amp; Charge, added:

This cooperation represents a huge milestone for us and we are proud to partner with IONITY, the European high-power charging network for electric vehicles. As a leading platform that combines user engagement with top-up value-added services, our goal is; improve the overall charging experience for the electric vehicle driver and realize comprehensive benefits for the IONITY network in terms of uptime, operating costs and quality; of permanence.


This initiative by IONITY is part of its growth plan in Europe. As we know, the company & agrave; invest & agrave; 700 million euros to have around 7,000 charging points of 350 kW by 2025. The total number of stations will rise, again by that date, to around 1,000.

Growth plan concerning , of course, also Italy. Just recently, IONITY announced the opening of two new construction sites in our country, one in Naples and one in Civitanova Marche. Currently, in Italy there are 22 active IONITY stations and 7 under construction.

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