Intel Arc A310: The smallest Alchemist with 768 shader units is official


Without much announcement, Intel has now officially made its smallest Alchemist graphics card, the Arc A310 with 6 Xe cores and a total of 768 shader units. This would complete the portfolio of the first generation Intel Xe HPG (“Alchemist”) for the time being, apart from the still missing middle class, the Intel Arc A580 with 16 Xe cores.

Intel Xe HPG (“Alchemist”) is almost complete

After Intel released the official product page with the final specifications of the Arc A310, which are a bit higher than previously assumed, all Alchemist graphics cards for consumer and business customers are now complete, with the exception of the Intel Arc A580.

Contrary to what was previously expected, the Arc A310 has a total of 6 instead of 4 Xe cores, which ultimately results in 768 instead of 512 shader units. In the Alchemist portfolio, the Arc A310 ranks below the Arc A380 (test) as an absolute entry-level solution for consumers:

Intel Arc A Series Model Overview A310 A380 A580* A750 A770 Architecture Intel Xe HPG (“Alchemist”) Graphics Processor ACM-G11 ACM-G10 Process TSMC 6N Xe Cores 6 8 16 28 32 XMX Engines 96 128 256 448 512 Raytracing Units 6 8 16 28 32 shader units 768 1,024 2,048 3,584 4,096 Memory amount 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB 8 GB 8 GB
16 GB Memory speed 15.5 Gbps 16.0 Gbps 16.0 Gbps (8 GB)
17.5 Gbps ( 16GB) Memory Interface 64-bit 96-bit 128-bit 256-bit Bandwidth 124GB/s 186GB/s 256GB/s 512GB/s 512GB/s (8GB)
560 GB/s (16 GB) Chip clock 2,000 MHz 2,050 MHz 2,100 MHz Total Board Power (TBP) 75 watts 175 watts 225 watts Product page Link Link –* Link Link *) not yet officially released!

Three graphics solutions for enterprise customers

The workstation graphics cards from the Arc Pro A series for professional users and companies have already been officially presented with two models. The two graphics cards are based on the Intel Arc A380 and offer 1,024 shader units at 50 and 75 watts of total board power (TBP).

Intel Arc Pro A series – Intel Arc Pro model overview A50 Intel Arc Pro A40 Intel Arc Pro A30M Architecture Intel Xe HPG (“Alchemist”) GPU ACM-G11 Process TSMC 6N Xe Cores 8 XMX Engines 128 Raytracing Units 8 Shader Units 1,024 Memory Amount 6 GB GDDR6 4 GB GDDR6 Memory Speed ​​16.0 Gbps 14, 0 Gbps memory interface 96-bit bandwidth 192 GB/s 112 GB/s chip clock 2,000 MHz total board power (TBP) 75 watts 50 watts 35 – 50 watts Product page Link Link Link

Planning almost complete

Intel's planning for the desktop is (almost) complete for the time being, only the Arc A580 is still a long way off. Spearheading the Alchemist portfolio, the gamer-ready Arc A770 launches October 12 for $329.