Graphics: Intel Arc A770 launches October 12 for $329


At the start of the Intel On trade fair, the manufacturer announced the availability of the Arc A770 discrete desktop graphics card: October 12th. With a price of 329 US dollars, Intel wants to attack top dogs like the RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti. According to Intel CEO Gelsinger, test samples are on the way and reviews are expected at the market launch.

Intel teased the more expensive competition with the aggressive price. However, it remains to be seen whether the performance will match in the end. The first solution Intel Arc A380 (test) largely failed due to the driver. It will soon be possible to see whether Intel has used the months.

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Intel Arc A770 from October 12 (Image: Intel)
Intel Arc A770 from October 12 (Image: Intel)
Intel Arc A750 ( Image: Intel)

The Arc 770 is the fastest model with Intel's Alchemist architecture. The key data read as follows.

Intel Arc A-Series – Model Overview A310 A380 A580 A750 A770 Architecture Intel Xe HPG (“Alchemist”) Graphics Processor ACM-G11 ACM-G10 Process TSMC 6N Xe Cores 6 8 16 28 32 FP32 ALUs 768 1024 2048 3584 4096 Memory 4GB
64-bit 6GB
96-bit 8GB
128-bit 8GB
256- Bit 8/16 GB*
256-Bit TDP/TGP 75 watts 175 watts 225 watts *) Partners may also offer versions with 8 GB

According to the Intel press release, the solution should offer impressive performance for content creation and gaming up to 1440p resolution. It can be purchased in different designs from 329 US dollars – which suggests timely partner designs.

The Intel newsroom also shows pictures of the A750 as a smaller card. The price for which this will be released is currently unknown.

In the fairway there is also XeSS, it will be rolled out immediately via update and should be available in more than 20 existing games this year. The XeSS SDK is also now available on GitHub, Intel explains.

Update 09/27/2022 7:08 p.m.

Meanwhile, the product pages and the database entries for the solutions are also online. Accordingly, there will be three cards: Arc A750, Arc A770 with 8 GB and Arc A770 with 16 GB. The latter model can not only use twice the memory, but also operate it with 17.5 Gbps instead of 16 Gbps.

Intel Arc A750 and Arc A770 (Image: Intel)