“Forget meatballs – now Sweden is described as neo-Nazi”


Published 25 September 2022 at 17.47

Media. The result in the Riksdag election has caused the image of Sweden to run in the ditch. Now foreign media use words like “neo-Nazi” to describe the country. This according to the S newspaper Aftonbladet's political editor-in-chief Anders Lindberg.

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“A helpfully reformed Nazi party won the election in Sweden”, writes Anders Lindberg in an editorial with the headline “I mourn when the world draws blue and yellow swastikas”.

He continues:

“Forget Abba, meatballs and Ikea, now foreign headline makers are competing to get the word 'neo-Nazi' into articles about our country.”

Among other things, he mentions a headline by the British BBC: “So became a former neo-Nazi movement kingmaker in Sweden.”

A German local newspaper has also published a satirical picture where Pippi Longstocking stands in front of a Swedish flag that looks like a swastika.

“That Sweden's the next government is based on the votes of a half-assed reformed Nazi party which as recently as during the election campaign itself had a whole bunch of highly unreformed Nazis on its electoral lists. This raises eyebrows in Berlin, London and Washington,” writes Anders Lindberg.