“First truly far-right government in Europe since WWII”


Published 26 September 2022 at 10.41

Media. Giorgia Meloni has declared himself victorious in the Italian election – and among Swedish journalists the mood is gloomy.

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Italy will now have a government that is far to the right of the Swedish Moderates, notes Aftonbladet's foreign policy commentator Wolfgang Hansson.

He summarizes the future government as follows:


– It consists of three parties, of which Meloni's party has its roots in the neo-fascist movement. Although they don't consider themselves a fascist party anymore, that's where they come from. And then we have the right-wing extremist Matteo Salvini with his Lega party. And then we have Silvio Berlusconi with the Forza Italia party, which is also far to the right by Swedish standards.

In Dagens Nyheter today there are headlines like the one about “Italy's LGBTQ residents worried” by the election results.


“The result is a shock for Europe. For the first time since the Second World War, a party with fascist roots takes power”, writes the left-wing newspaper's EU correspondent Pia Gripenberg.

SVT's Italy correspondent Jennifer Wegerup notes however, that the parties that look set to form a government are not as united as they want to make it appear. Among other things, they have different views on issues such as the economic crisis and the relationship with Russia.