Cupra Born, for the electric? already? restyling time?


A Cupra Born forklift, the electric car of the Spanish brand close relative of the Volkswagen ID.3 , & egrave; been intercepted during a road test session. The spy photo car features camouflage on the front only. This means that the Spanish brand wants to hide some novelties; of design in that area.

Apparently, it seems that the carmaker is already doing so. working on a restyling of this model. The Cupra Born, we recall, only debuted in 2021 and therefore it might seem strange that the manufacturer is already standing; working on an update of this car.

If it were really a forklift of a future restyling, the novelties; aesthetics should however be limited to touches on the front, at the level of the headlights and the bumper. Moreover, the camouflage, as highlighted at the beginning, is; focused all on the front of the car. It must be said that actually also the rear logo is; covered , but this is a common practice on prototypes to try to hide their origin.

C & # 39; & egrave; also the possibility; that Cupra may also be testing a new variant of the electric Born, perhaps an even more model; sporty. As we know, Volkswagen will realize; a high-performance GTX version of the ID.3 with its restyling. Given the close relationship between the German and the Spanish model, it would not be at all strange that the Born could also be offered in a variant with a dual engine and high performance.

What appears evident, however, is; that Cupra is working on some news for its electric Born. Surely over the next few months more information will arrive that will allow us to better understand what the Spanish brand's plans are for this battery-powered car.

[Spy photo: CarScoop]

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