AirPods Pro 2022 teardown by iFixit: a zero for repairability


AirPods Pro 2 iFixit teardown

The iFixit video shows that it is again impossible to repair the AirPods. This applies to both the earphones and the charging box. If you open it, you'll never get it assembled again. Going to work yourself to see what kind of parts are hidden in it is therefore not recommended. You'd better watch iFixit's teardown. They show in three minutes what the AirPods Pro 2022 look like from the inside.

When it comes to repairability, iFixit is very disappointed. Apple wants to operate CO2-neutral by 2030, but then they should not release products that only produce e-waste. And this involves huge amounts of plastic, as the AirPods are the most popular earbuds in the world. Millions of pieces of plastic end up on the waste mountain. “Could Apple finally be thinking different?” iFixit wonders. The answer is guessable: a zero out of ten!

The reviewers are enthusiastic about the AirPods Pro 2022, but if they break, they have no choice but to buy new ones. If you have them replaced by Apple, the old ones will also end up in the waste mountain because it is not possible, for example, to place a new battery. These AirPods have several innovations, such as improved active noise cancellation, a new self-adjusting transparency mode, better sound quality and support for Bluetooth 5.3. The charging case has also become more useful: it sticks to your MagSafe charger, has a speaker and a hole for a neck cord. Perhaps the best improvement is that it now contains a U1 chip to make them easier to find via the Find My network.

Also see announced this is the second generation AirPods Pro

Apple has announced the AirPods Pro 2, also called the AirPods Pro 2022 or the AirPods Pro second generation. This model has improved sound, a modified design and some new features.