With the new CarPlay version of ANWB On the road you can see where refueling is cheapest


ANWB Weg is a handy app for car drivers with which you can see the traffic on the road, look up cheap gas stations, pay for parking and more. The app has been around for many years, but recently the app was completely renewed with a new design and support for navigation. But more important is the brand new CarPlay version, which means that you can also use ANWB On the road on the screen of your car. It is a full navigation app, but with a number of useful extras that allow you to use the app even when you are not navigating with it.

ANWB On the road on CarPlay

The CarPlay version of ANWB Weg is initially an ordinary navigation app like there are more for CarPlay. You can search for addresses, save locations to your favorites and drive to your destination with voice guidance. The app uses Mapbox for navigation, a map service that is used by more apps. The navigation also shows nearby speed cameras, maximum speed and is available in dark mode. The CarPlay version of ANWB Weg also has support for the CarPlay Dashboard. If you don't have CarPlay, you can just navigate with the iPhone version like any other navigation app.

The unique thing about ANWB Weg is that on the map you can also see exactly where the gas stations are and the corresponding prices for the fuel type you have set. With colors you can immediately see on the map which gas stations are the cheapest in the area. The search function also allows you to find a list of the cheapest gas stations nearby and navigate directly to them. You will not find the immediate display of the cheapest gas station in other CarPlay apps. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay for your refueling immediately from the CarPlay version, as is now possible since iOS 16.

In addition to filling stations, the app also works with charging stations and fast charging stations. You can search for the nearest charging point or fast charging point for your electric car via the menu of the app. The app is therefore very similar to existing CarPlay apps for electric cars.

A function that we still miss in the CarPlay version of ANWB Weg is support for parking. Since iOS 14, parking apps can also support CarPlay, so you can start a parking session from the car screen. Besides that, the app for finding a cheap gas station or a fast charging station can certainly come in handy, even if you don't use it for everyday navigation. If you don't have CarPlay, read our article about how you can refuel cheaper with apps.

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