Sweden Democrats voted for the C speaker – to mess with V


Published 27 September 2022 at 18.16

Domestic. A number of Riksdag members from the Sweden Democrats made sure that a centre-party instead of a left-wing party got the post of third deputy speaker in the Riksdag.
– It is payback now, says a Sweden Democrat to Ekot.

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The moderates, the Sweden Democrats, the Christian Democrats, the Liberals and the Social Democrats had announced before the vote that they would vote blank and put forward the Left Party's candidate Lotta Johnsson Fornarve as third deputy speaker.

Despite that, the Center Party's won candidate Kerstin Lundgren, who in advance only had support from the 24 members from her own party. 30 members of the Riksdag broke the party line and voted for her.

A number of SD members told Ekot that they voted for Kerstin Lundgren because V had previously and also this year tried to prevent the SD from getting a speaker post.

The Center Party's economic policy spokesperson Martin Ådahl also received several votes, despite the fact that he did not even run for office.

– It is surely no state secret that it is a joke and there are guaranteed to be a number of Sweden Democrats who wants to make fun of the situation, says Martin Ådahl to Svenska Dagbladet.