SD takes over the Riksdag's committee


Published 27 September 2022 at 09.48

Domestic. In practical terms, the Sweden Democrats will have far-reaching influence over the new Moderate-led government, despite the lack of ministerial positions. In the committees, SD becomes twice as influential as M.

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The settlement from yesterday shows that the Sweden Democrats get twice as many chairmanships in the Riksdag as the Moderates, which means that the ruling party will be completely dependent on SD to get their proposals through the chamber in practical terms.

The SD thus has something that can be compared to a veto over the government's policy, and Aftonbladet is now writing about how the SD's far-reaching influence worries many leading moderates.

– That the Sweden Democrats, who will probably not sit in the government must sit and pilot through the government's policy will be extremely messy. They will be as obstructive as possible when they disagree with the government, a “centrally placed M source” told the newspaper.

How SD will exercise its deep, far-reaching power, however, remains unclear. In the election campaign, the Sweden Democrats talked about stopping asylum and re-migration, but after the election, the leading SD negotiator Mattias Karlsson instead tried to make it sound like M's promises to “not lower the levels in the A fund” had been the decisive issue for the Sweden Democrats .