S politician is sentenced for slapping a party colleague on the butt


Published 28 September 2022 at 14.46

Domestic. The Social Democratic regional politician Kjell Ekelund was convicted today of sexual harassment after patting a younger female party member on the bottom in connection with a party gathering at the beginning of 2019.

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The accused regional politician has denied any crime and was allowed to run for S in the election despite being accused of sexual harassment against a party colleague.

Through the evidence presented during the trial, among other than the woman's information and the two witnesses called by the prosecution, the district court has, however, concluded that it is proven that Kjell Ekelund patted the woman on the bottom when she had stood up to pass him.

Because the action according to the court meant “a serious violation of the woman's personal integrity”, Ekelund must pay damages for violation.

The district court sentences the accused S-politician for sexual harassment to 40 daily fines of SEK 300. This means that he must pay a total of SEK 12,000 in fines.

Kjell Ekelund must also pay damages to the woman of SEK 5,000 and pay part of the defense costs.

When determining the number of daily fines, the district court took some account of the fact that a long time had passed since the crime.