Opel Astra, comes the sports version GSe with 225 hp


Opel Astra will be & agrave; the first model of the car manufacturer to be offered in a sports variant with the new GSe brand . As we know, the manufacturer had announced that he would re-propose the GSe brand in a modern way. In fact, it would only be paired with electrified models. In the past, the abbreviation GSe meant & quot; Grand Sport Einspritzung & quot ;. Now, however, it will be; the abbreviation of & quot; Grand Sport Electric & quot ;.


The new Opel Astra GSe will be & agrave; proposed also in Sports Tourer version and will characterize; for some news of design, for a revised set-up and for a more Plug-in powertrain; powerful. Starting from the look, to make it more & ugrave; sporty, Opel has introduced a specific design for the front and rear bumpers. In addition, the standard equipment includes new 18-inch alloy wheels with a design inspired by that of the Manta GSe Concept. Obviously, there is no shortage of GSe badges on the bodywork.

As for the interior, this sporty version of the Astra offers sport seats in Alcantara with Agr certification. For the rest, the passenger compartment mirrors that of the new Astra that we already have; got to try. Speaking of the set-up, however, Opel & egrave; intervened by lowering the height from the ground by 10 mm. Furthermore, & egrave; The suspension, steering and braking system settings have been changed. All to achieve the right compromise between comfort and handling.

The sporty steering calibration is; specific for GSe, while the springs and oil-filled shock absorbers of the front and rear suspensions are set specifically to ensure a dynamic ride and an excellent level of comfort. The shock absorbers are equipped with KONI FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) technology, which allows you to change the characteristics of the shock absorbers based on the frequencies. You can have different shock absorber characteristics for high and low frequencies, for a sporty driving style with more contact. direct with the road. The & rsquo; ESP settings are exclusive to GSe models, with a higher activation threshold; high to be able to drive even more & ugrave; dynamic.

And speaking of the powertain Plug-in, the new Opel Astra GSe has the 225 hp version with 360 Nm of torque which is; already present on the Peugeot 308. Astra, in fact, & egrave; normally only offered with the unit & agrave; 180hp plug-in. For the moment, Opel has not wanted to share information on performance.

More details will come in the coming weeks when prices are also announced. So, with the new Astra GSe, Opel is once again offering sporty models. It will be therefore it is interesting to find out which other cars will be proposed in this version and which one will be; the first 100% electric model to be sold under the GSe brand.

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