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Kristersson gets two weeks


Published 28 September 2022 at 12.44

Domestic. The Speaker of the Riksdag, Andreas Norlén, today had a coordination meeting with Ulf Kristersson (M) about the ongoing probe mission. They have agreed that Kristersson will submit an interim report to the speaker on October 5 and a final report on October 12.

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The Speaker met Ulf Kristersson on Wednesday for coordination and then discussed with the Deputy Speakers in the new Speaker's Presidium, as well as informed the King.

– Today I received a report on the ongoing the probe mission and then set a time limit for the mission as a whole, as well as set a date for an interim report next week. The decision takes into account both the importance of the process moving forward and the time required for the continued negotiations, based on what Ulf Kristersson explained today, says Andreas Norlén.

Kristersson held a press conference after the meeting with the Speaker .

– I have described the situation quite in detail where we stand right now. In summary, it's a good situation, we have constructive discussions, says Kristersson.

He mentioned the appointment of the Speaker's Bureau and the Riksdag's committee positions, something the parties agreed on Monday, as “an important first step”.

On September 19, Ulf Kristersson was commissioned by the speaker to probe the conditions for forming a government. After the Riksdag re-elected Andreas Norlén as speaker, the work on the formation of the government now continues.