iCulture Today: this was Monday, September 26, 2022


Is Apple going to stop using the name Pro Max for the iPhones? According to the latest rumours, it seems so. Apple would consider the name iPhone 15 Ultra and it will not only get a different design in 2023, but also some unique functions that you will not find on the regular Pro. We also look at a teardown of the Apple Watch Ultra and we dive into the upcoming 2023 Apple products. This and more today at!

News and opinion

  • Apple Watch Ultra teardown reveals bigger battery and more details
  • ‘iPhone 15 Ultra comes with new design in 2023’
  • Will there be an Apple October event in 2022?
  • Apple in October: these are the expected announcements in the fall
  • Apple products in 2023: these are the expectations for next year


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Tips and explanations

  • How to send messages via iMessage on your Apple Watch
  • How to make the always-on screen of the iPhone black and white
  • Multiple photos’ Share emails simultaneously from your iPhone and iPad
  • This is how you get different screens for phone calls on the iPhone
  • Close Apple Watch apps: this is how it works (even if the app is frozen)

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