France replies to the US, “incentives only for electric cars produced in Europe”


To the European Union it is not; liked the new incentive structure for electric cars provided for by the US government's Inflation Reduction Act . As we have seen in the past, the new American law requires electric cars to meet specific requirements in order to be compatible with the incentives. For example, & egrave; provided for the obligation of production of battery vehicles in North America and, above all, & egrave; It is necessary that these cars are built with critical materials that come from the United States or from a country with a free trade agreement with Washington.

These rules, therefore, go to reward the cars built in the United States, while penalize those imported. In response to this legislation which would penalize several European manufacturers , the French finance minister Bruno Le Maire proposed to & quot; repay & quot; the United States with the same currency.


Therefore, for the French minister, Europe should consider the possibility; to reserve the bonus for electric cars only for cars produced in Europe and for those that strictly comply with all new environmental standards.

We must play by the same rules if we want to defend our industries, our jobs and our technology.

Statements that know a lot of provocation, given that agreeing a common strategy on this front with all the individual EU countries would be very difficult. In any case, the minister insists that Europe should consider this possibility.

I think it is time to start thinking about this idea in Europe.

We remind you that, in France, currently & egrave; a bonus of up to 6,000 euros is foreseen for the purchase of an electric car costing less than 47,000 euros. Incentive that from next year will caler & agrave; to 5,000 euros. We will see if the position expressed by Bruno Le Maire will find & agrave; some support among his colleagues from other European Union countries.

For the moment, the EU is continuing to dialogue with the United States to try to reach a compromise.

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