Fiat Panda 4×4, the all-Italian restomod arrives


The first generation Fiat Panda 4×4 is; a model that has conquered car enthusiasts. Its off-road qualities guaranteed by four-wheel drive and low weight are well known to all, so much so that this car in the mountains is; it has often been preferred to much more models; blazoned. A timeless model that still remains today; used and much appreciated.

Inglorious Basterds Cycle , an Italian company specialized in the creation of custom bikes, wanted to design a restomod based on its own on this Fiat car. A restomod that allows you to give the Panda 4×4 a more elegant look. extreme, accentuating its off-road characteristics.


The Fiat 4×4 had a Spartan interior. The restomod will offer & agrave; more coatings; refined and also the air conditioning . The company also talks about a lot of work to improve the soundproofing of the interior. There will be; even the power steering. And the engine? According to what has been told, the car will not have; of the unit original but will be; used the Fire 1.2 engine of the Punto 75 . Obviously, the propeller & egrave; has been revised in many of its parts to be able to deliver about 90 HP of power .

A first example is; under construction. The goal is to make a small series of the restomod. It seems that the starting price can be around 50 thousand euros but the company will allow; customers to be able to customize the car as they want.

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