EU grants to Hungary are to be frozen


Published 27 September 2022 at 08.25

Foreign. The EU Commission wants SEK 80 billion in EU aid to Hungary to be paid out only when the country meets the EU's requirements for so-called rule of law principles.

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The threat was formally presented in April and since then the Hungarian government has proposed 17 measures to meet the EU's demands.

The 27 EU commissioners discussed the measures on Sunday, and rejected them.

In order to increase the pressure on Hungary, the Commission wants to freeze a third of the EU's support within the so-called cohesion funds. This would mean that Hungary would lose about 7.5 billion euros, corresponding to almost 81 billion kroner.

The decision will be made with a so-called qualified majority, according to the EU's new rules for putting Hungary there, which means that no other individual member state can block it.