Home English Defense Forces: Gas leaks in the Baltic Sea “a military matter”

Defense Forces: Gas leaks in the Baltic Sea “a military matter”


Published 27 September 2022 at 15.52

Foreign. The failed attacks against Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea are considered a military issue by the Swedish Armed Forces.

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Several large leaks have been discovered from the gas pipelines Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 in the Baltic Sea.

That it would all be due to random events is considered by experts to be very unlikely.

German authorities assume that the damage is due to sabotage, according to the newspaper Tagesspiegel.

Michael Claesson, head of operations of the Swedish Armed Forces, tells Aftonbladet that it is not ruled out that there is a connection to Russia's mobilization.

< p>– It is clear that it is a military matter, he tells the newspaper.

Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov was asked on Tuesday whether he thinks it is about sabotage against the gas pipelines.

– No options can be ruled out, he replied and called for an immediate and thorough investigation of the incident, according to RT.

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