BYD in Europe with electric cars HAN, TANG and ATTO 3: availability? and prices


BYD & egrave; a Chinese company that is progressively cropped more and more; space within the automotive market. It is a reality; which not only produces cars but also batteries. In July 2022, for example, BYD & egrave; was the second largest producer of battery cells after CATL.

In Europe, this Chinese company is; present for some time even if, initially, only in the world of transport (buses and vans, for example). Since last year, BYD has decided to bring its electric cars also to the Old Continent market starting from Norway where it introduced its BYD TANG battery-powered SUV

In August, the Chinese brand had announced the l & # 39; introduction of new electric car models that would be marketed not only in Norway but also in the new markets of the Old Continent where BYD would land during the year.

On the European market, the The automaker has also decided to bring the BYD HAN sedan and the BYD ATTO 3 SUV , cars that go alongside the BYD TANG SUV. Now, the manufacturer has shared new details of its growth strategy in Europe, communicating prices of these models for the Old Continent market and the new countries where these cars will be sold.


BYD cars can be ordered immediately in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany . By the end of the year, the cars of the Chinese brand will also be able to order in France and the United Kingdom . The car manufacturer, however, does not want to stop there. In fact, it intends to be present in all the main European auto markets. Due to its growth in Europe, BYD will continue & agrave; to make agreements with local dealerships for the management of its cars.

Nothing & egrave; it has been said of Italy but it seems clear that BYD may also enter our market in the future.

PRICES FOR THE EUROPEAN MARKET BYD has taken those from Germany as examples. The new BYD ATTO 3 SUV starts at at 38,000 euros . The BYD HAN sedan, on the other hand, starts at a cost of 72,000 euros . Same price also for the SUV TANG. These three cars will be exhibited at the Paris Motor Show which will take place. in October.

Let's briefly recall the specifications of each model we already have; widely spoken above. All the cars are based on the e-Platform 3.0 platform and use the & quot; Blade & quot; batteries. (LFP).

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