African “half-lynched” when he sexually assaulted girl


Published 26 September 2022 at 19.42

Foreign. A 25-year-old immigrant was beaten by passers-by in Rome when he tried to sexually assault an eleven-year-old girl, reports Remix News.

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The incident happened in Centocelle, a suburb of Rome, in front of a restaurant run by the victim's mother.

Several people who witnessed how the 25-year-old tried to sexually assault the girl intervened and chased after the African when he ran from the crime scene.

However, he was caught by the people, who are said to have taken the law into their own hands. They beat the 25-year-old and allegedly said “racist” things to him, Corriere reports.

Several people kicked the man while he was lying on the ground trying to protect his head, according to the newspaper.

p>A witness claims to have heard the people who assaulted the man shouting “black bastards” at him.

“In my home I witnessed a semi-lynching,” the eyewitness writes on Facebook.

“I heard the screams, 'Stop him!' I moved closer, and a group of people blocked the path of a black guy. One gave him a big slap and he fell to the ground. He then had to take kicks, even from some people who happened to be there by chance,” continues the witness.

The police were called and came to the scene and were able to arrest the African. Now the police are also looking for the people who abused the 25-year-old.