The prosecutor demands harsher punishments for Estonia whistleblowers


Published 23 September 2022 at 19.23

Domestic. The prosecutor has appealed the Gothenburg district court's judgment in the case of violation of the Act on the Protection of Grave Peace in the case of the wreck after Estonia.

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Two documentary filmmakers, both Swedish citizens, were sentenced to daily fines for carrying out underwater activities in the declared peace area.

The result was the attention-grabbing documentary about the unknown hole in Estonia's hull.


The prosecutor is now appealing the district court verdict and wants the punishment to be tougher.

– Both defendants were sentenced to 40 day fines. I had asked for a suspended sentence and a fine, and believe that the men should receive stiffer sentences. Now it is up to the Court of Appeal to decide whether they grant leave to appeal, which I think would be appropriate to give because the legislation and the question of punishment have not previously been tried, says Chamber Prosecutor Helene Gestrin in a statement.

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