Porsche Boxster, this is how the electric roadster could be


Porsche has an ambitious electrification plan for its vehicle range. Among the new electric models that will arrive in the future there is; also the new Porsche Boxster which should arrive towards the middle & agrave; of the decade. We have talked about this future battery-powered sports car several times in the past. Car which, together with the electric Cayman , will have; of a design inspired by that of the Mission R. Starting from all the information that emerged over time on the electric Boxster, a render tries to imagine its final forms.


The look, as previously mentioned, should be different from the current one and will probably be; inspired by that of the Mission R concept car that was shown during the 2021 Munich Motor Show . That prototype, in fact, anticipated some elements that will be seen on future electric Porsche 718s.

According to rumors, the electric Boxster, like the electric Cayman, pogger & agrave; on the PPE platform that Porsche has developed with Audi and which will serve; also as a basis for further battery-powered models such as the electric Macan. To replicate the driving dynamics typical of mid-engined cars, it appears that the battery pack will be; centrally located , behind the driver but in front of the rear axle.

Thus, the future electric Boxster should offer driving dynamics similar to that of the current endothermic model. An interesting solution on paper. Obviously, if you know; more & ugrave; over time as details emerge on the development of this car. Past rumors also spoke of a autonomy target of around 400 km .

It seems that the electric Porsche 718 project is about a year behind schedule. The German carmaker faced some obstacles due to the complexity; of the project. In fact, it had to face several problems including managing the extra weight due to the presence of batteries. All that remains is to wait for new information on this car.

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