Mercedes chooses Qualcomm platforms for its connected cars


Infotainment systems are very important for car manufacturers that aim to offer more and more solutions; advance in their cars. To do this, for & ograve ;, they need to be able to use platforms more and more; capable of adequately supporting all the latest generation digital solutions. In this sense, the interesting news of the collaboration agreement between Mercedes and Qualcomm arrives.


Following this agreement, the future models of the German manufacturer will be able to use the Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutionsto offer the most recent and advanced features; digital. This is a path also taken by other car manufacturers including Stellantis.

Specifically, according to what was communicated, Mercedes integrer & agrave; within its next vehicles, the Snapdragon Cockpit platforms to power digital cockpits and the Snapdragon Automotive Connectivity platforms for infotainment systems. The two companies aim so & igrave; to offer consumers personalized, intuitive and more driving experiences; safe.

Thanks to Snapdragon Cockpit platforms, the new generation systems will be able to offer more engaging on-board experiences, natural interactions between the vehicle and the driver, adapting the vehicle to the needs of the driver and passenger and much more.

Using the connectivity platforms Snapdragon, Mercedes vehicles will be equipped with connectivity & agrave; ultra-fast, fast network response times and reliability; needed to support always-connected services and security.


Qualcomm also announced a partnership with Red Hat to bring security-certified Linux-based operating systems functional (ASIL-B) on next-generation vehicles using Snapdragon Digital Chassis platforms.

Thus, by using Red Hat in-vehicle operating systems with Snapdragon Digital Chassis platforms, automakers can contribute to advance the development of software-defined vehicles and accelerate the delivery of new digital services connected to the cloud.

Sar & agrave; therefore it is possible to create new opportunities; for a more involved; customer base and service-based business models, designed to be upgradeable throughout the vehicle lifecycle via the cloud.

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