iCulture Today: this was Thursday September 22, 2022


And another round of reviews! Today it was the turn of the AirPods Pro 2022 hands-on publications. What does the media think of Apple's latest earphones? Also new in Apple country: measuring your wrist temperature with the Apple Watch has been possible since the new Series 8. What's in it for you and how does it work? Or how about our comparison of the iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro? That and more in this new iCulture Today!

News & Opinion

  • These are the new health features in iOS 16 and watchOS 9
  • AirPods Pro 2022 round-up: these are the first reviews and hands-ons


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Tips and explanations

  • How to use the Camera app on the Apple Watch
  • Measuring wrist temperature with the new temperature sensor in the Apple Watch: what's in it for you?
  • With this iOS 16 trick helps you separate the subject from the background in photos

Accessories and devices

  • Since iOS 16 has your iPhone battery drained faster? You can do this about it!

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