Had no cash – was tortured until he swished the robber


Published 23 September 2022 at 12.32

Domestic. Cashless can be a good deal not only for banks but also for traditional criminals. That's what two robbers in Eksjö experienced when they managed to get their victim to swipe a five-figure sum.

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The robbers intended to subject the man to a personal robbery, but because he lacked cash, they instead dragged him to a forest grove under threat with a “sharp object”, according to the police.

In the forest grove, they were then beaten the man until he was forced to hand over a five-figure sum to the perpetrators.

After the incident, prosecutors decided to search an apartment, where a man and a woman aged 25 were arrested on suspicion of robbery and money laundering.

The amount linked to the money laundering consists of the five-figure sum that the perpetrators forced to take, according to the police.

The arrested are being held in police custody and will now be questioned.