Free Games: Epic Games is giving away ARK: Survival Evolved


Up to and including September 29, Epic Games is giving away the dinosaur sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved (test), which was developed by Studio Wildcard and first appeared in Early Access via Steam in 2015. In addition to the open-world survival game, Epic Games is also giving away the turn-based tactical RPG Gloomhaven.

Both games can be picked up free of charge from the usual Internet address free registration in the Epic Games Store is also required. The offers are valid until September 29 at 5 p.m. Then follow the indie platformer Runbow and The Drone Racing League Simulator as the next free games.

The first place to go for free games and bargains is the “Games bargain thread” in the ComputerBase forum, which was launched in 2015. The “Gamesbargain Discussion Thread” is available to members for any discussions, and the editors are also happy to receive tips.

The editors would like to thank community member “DukeNukem” for the tip this message.